Weekly Wisdom #376 – It’s getting harder and harder to FOCUS!

Are you aware that on average American’s spend 4.7 hours on their telephone per day?! And do you realize that on average American’s watch upwards of 5 hours of TV every day?! You’re likely believing, “Well Dean what does this mean for me?”

What this means is that it is becoming harder and harder to FOCUS on what’s actually significant in our lives.

Also, this week I ‘ve an exercise which will help let you only slightly readjust your focus onto what exactly is really important in your life and place this message into practice!

And in this week’s Weekly Wisdom I need to share with you tips on how to regain your focus, get some extra time back through the week and continue to focus on becoming the best you possible!

Watch now! And be sure to I want to know what you believe :)

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Love this

wisdom and have an

excellent week!

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