The Single Biggest Mistake You Must Fix In Order To Improve Your Business Networking Skills

Want to be successful? Be nice. It’s that simple. Well, there’s actually

more to it. But being a nice person is the most important and the most Tai Lopez

practical advice that I can give anyone. There’s 25 cognitive biases of

the human brain; one of the strongest cognitive biases being ‘liking and

disliking bias’. Your ability to be likable is highly correlated with

your success in life or in business. So if you’re sitting down at your

desk right now, watching the video, and saying to yourself that ‘I could

be a nicer person': you have some work to do. If you aren’t nice, or if

you are constantly taking jabs at people, chances are you will stay at

the level you’re currently at. And don’t get me wrong. There will always

be one or two complete assholes in high places. But they’re much less

the norm than people think.